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International MEP Projet : Picturesque

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International MEP Projet : Picturesque

Mensaje por ProjectBarcodeError el Sáb 24 Mar 2012, 7:21 pm

C/C from

Kain-x-spirits escribió:Quoted Image converted to link:

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while I wanted to organize a certain project, but I’ve never really got the time to do it. Now that I have a bit more time, I can finally start it. And I hope it will draw your interest.
I don’t know if a lot of people know Nujabes, he was a japanese DJ who produced a lot of hip hop music. Most of you probably know him thanks to his contributions in the Samurai Champloo OSTs, and the opening Battlecry. And yeah, if I talk about him to the past that’s because he passed away in 2010.
Already before his death, I wanted to make a AMV with some of his musics, but never really got the motivation to do it. When I heard about his death I wanted to make a tribute MEP, but I already had a load of projects, so I postponed this one.
In short, 2 years have passed, and i’m more motivated for this, and I'll have more time from now (since i don’t plan of editing something for the moment)

[size=150]The music[/size]

Nujabes feat. Cise Starr - Lady Brown

I cut the music in 19 parts. The 19th will be for the credits.
It makes a lot of different tracks for a music of 3 minutes. Tracks are 9seconds long, so it won’t be long enough to show a short story, or for trying something too complex. But at least, you should be quickly able to make something catchy. The pace of the song is quite fast, but thanks to that the whole video could be more homogeneous, if everyone do the things correctly.
For the transitions between the tracks, I’ll let the editors make it. Masking, a simple effects, or even a hard cut can be enough if it’s well done.

Crush a coal to a diamond
Eyes forever shining
Your beauty alone inspire a niggah to rhyming
Thinking of the better things in life
Thinking of how I could persuade you to become my wife
Hand in hand as we floating over tropical sands
You my lady, I'm ya man
So let's futher advance to the next scene
Me sleeping next to you resting
You are the personification of all God's blessings
Coming to me in just one physical being
One physical dream that I wanna redeem
You're Voluptuous
Sweet caramel brown honeydew
Satin skin smooth to the touch, what a niggah do
So sensual
Her smile like a chemical extract of perfection
Rare mineral
She smell like a happy birthday on a Thursday
Quiet time love sleep in I wake early

Honey brown wit the long black hair
Teasing me with a kiss and a stare
Slight touch and you taking me there
So fine and it just ain't fair
So beautiful and so damn rare

She's angelic and energetic
Using sex as a weapon
I reckon that I'm confessing
Her body is just a blessing from God Down to earth
She needs to be in a church to prove that
We didn't spawn from fish but God's work
Hurts to see her clothed cause her body beholds
Secrets untold valued like platinum and gold
For she is the key to open my mind to see
The energy that radiates from the gates of heavenly bliss
I reminisce over touch and kiss
While you fucking a bitch I go make love to my miss
Never scandalous
It unanimous that the how i handled it
Lights off and candle lit rooms and glamorous
Yo I call you love sexual you look edible
Parallel snuggle up close intellectual
In a rendezvous who are you in wrap hairdo
No makeup in jean shorts open toe shoe
I wanna hold you mold ya soul I behold you
Know you better than myself never own you
But keep you never leave you
I beseech you
Gods gift to man is you wearing a see through
Riding Seadoos in Atlantic Ocean
Causing commotion
Lay you down going through the motions
Keep ya skin soft lotions got me coasting
Down pretty round brown thighs the candles low lit

Honey brown wit the long black hair
Teasing me with a kiss and a stare
Slight touch and you taking me there
So fine and it just ain't fair
So beautiful and so damn rare

Look at this agreeable
Delightful, delectable
So sweet she may be edible
She needs a pedestal To step out of heaven you ready boo
Never hypothetical you factual and magical
Fuck theatrical
Baby girl because you actual
Physically your chemistry is so mathematical
Had to use academics to define your spirit
You lifting my limits
Your name off my tongue is a lyric
She's a compilation of my minds representation
Of a representative
Representing an excellent revelation of time and dedication
Never impatient
She know the deal
Revealed herself to me
So I can see Her heavenly ways
Her heavenly gaze
And plus it don't hurt that she has an ass for days
So as we lay I reminisce on the day that we met
Please god never let me forget


Contrary to what you may think, I expect a lot of technical stuff for this MEP. The music I chose is not easy to edit, mainly because of its fast pace. But I think it should be easy to make something stylish and groovy.
There’s no theme, but by listening the music, and reading the lyrics you should be able to understand what i want to make. So i won’t accept full action tracks, or horror/psyche stuff....I want romance/sentimental tracks. It can be a bit ecchi, but I’m not hosting a Hentai MEP either xD. Your part can be a bit fun, but it’s not a AMV Hell or whatever xD

Resolution : 1280*720 or 848*480 (it would depend of the anime used)
Final render have to be in lagarith, huffyuv or Utvideo.

[size=150]The tracks[/size]
You can choose 3 tracks max, using this form :
Nickname :
For the anime, I highly recommend you to choose one, it helps me to make an idea about what you want to do, and if it will match with the other animes chosen. But no live-action, or weird animation.
No various with 9999 different series, but i can accept if you want to use 2 or 3 different shows.
If you wish to make a collab on a track it’s fine. And if you wish to make a collab on 2 following tracks, it’s ok too.

For the inscription to the project : 6th april
To finish your track : August (but you will probably have finish by then :D)

IMPORTANT: you must validate your participation and track choice on's topic or amv-france's topic.

as for my choices:

C/C from amv-france

Track: 7-14-18
Pseudo: PBE

Masculino Cantidad de envíos : 179
Edad : 27
Localización : Montreal,Canada.
Nivel de Edición : Nivel 2

..... Edición de Video : Vegas y Premiere

. Animación / Efectos : Adobe After Effects

.. Edición de Imagen : Photoshop e Illustrator

............... Edición 3D : 3D Max

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Re: International MEP Projet : Picturesque

Mensaje por TritioAFB el Sáb 24 Mar 2012, 7:29 pm

If I weren't busy with JE or my own MEP I would have joined considering I'm a romantic editor, but wishing luck to the ones joining

____________________ :: | Escucha la música con tus ojos | :: ____________________
Working in the Hospital by Day, Making AMVs by night


Masculino Cantidad de envíos : 4606
Edad : 28
Localización : San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Nivel de Edición : Nivel 2

..... Edición de Video : Vegas y Premiere

. Animación / Efectos : Adobe After Effects

.. Edición de Imagen : Adobe Photoshop

Otro : Virtual Dub, AMVSimple

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Re: International MEP Projet : Picturesque

Mensaje por naru_yuuki el Sáb 24 Mar 2012, 9:37 pm

Very interesting... but I'm in a few mep's now, and I don't have inspiration :/
good luck with the project I will be waiting for it ;D

____________________ :: | Escucha la música con tus ojos | :: ____________________

¡¡Dale like a la página de Face de ZonaAMV!!


Femenino Cantidad de envíos : 2041
Edad : 25
Localización : México
Nivel de Edición : Nivel 0

..... Edición de Video : Ninguno. Por ahora!

. Animación / Efectos : Adobe After Effects

.. Edición de Imagen : Photoshop e Illustrator

............... Edición 3D : Ninguno. Por ahora!

Otro : Adobe Flash

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Re: International MEP Projet : Picturesque

Mensaje por xXOLMRXx el Sáb 24 Mar 2012, 9:46 pm

me entere de esto por el amv france... vere que podre hacer =)

____________________ :: | Escucha la música con tus ojos | :: ____________________


Masculino Cantidad de envíos : 580
Edad : 22
Localización : .
Nivel de Edición : Nivel 1

..... Edición de Video : Sony Vegas

. Animación / Efectos : Adobe After Effects

.. Edición de Imagen : Adobe Photoshop

............... Edición 3D : Cinema 4D

Otro : Blender / CS Film maker

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Re: International MEP Projet : Picturesque

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Contenido patrocinado

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