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Fade Away

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Fade Away

Mensaje por Kscarlet el Lun 22 Abr 2013, 1:56 pm

Video: Fade Away
Category: Action, Character Profile, Drama
Anime: Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete
Song: Hide
Artist: Red
Creator: [key]Scarlet (Rising Production)

This video started like a joke. I was talking with diegao94, and we were discussing about the ending of my video "Glorium", and he came up saying something like "At the end you had to let the viewers choose which ending they wanted, if the writer keeps writing or not. You should do something like this one day". And so I did.
Since I like GakAttack's videos, I decided to give a similar style in the moment of the winner's choice.
I spent very little time for this video, like 4/5 days, but nonetheless I've decide to give it a little plot: Kadaj/Sephiroth has killed Zack, and Cloud wants revenge. You decide if he manages to or not!

After have watched the local version, you need to download from the direct links the ending you've chosen.

For a better interaction with the video, I advise you to watch it on YouTube.Youtube

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..... Edición de Video : Sony Vegas

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Re: Fade Away

Mensaje por reyzen el Miér 24 Abr 2013, 2:19 pm

very good, personally I like

PD: what about you ZA ? Evil or Very Mad

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Otro : movie maker :D

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