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Anime Music Video Central's 1st Ever AMV Contest (July 1st - 31st)

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Anime Music Video Central's 1st Ever AMV Contest (July 1st - 31st)

Mensaje por AnimeMusicVideoCentral el Miér 16 Abr 2014, 4:41 am

Welcome to Anime Music Video Central’s First AMV Contest!
The contest will be held from July 1st – July 31st.

Start: July 1st at 24:00 Central Standard Time (GMT -05:00)
End: July 31st at 23:59 Central Standard Time (GMT -05:00)

There will be three song packs released at the start of the contest with a total of 270 songs.
Each pack shall contain a total of 90 with 15 songs in each category.
• Must use one of the songs provided
• Must provide a streaming and download link
• Solo AMV’s, Collaborations, & MEP’s are all accepted
• All entries must be posted in the submission thread located on the Forum
Do not submit someone else’s AMV as if it were your own. Do not use parts of someone else’s AMV or submit an “improved” version of someone else’s AMV unless you have the original creator’s explicit permission to do so. Each person involved in a submission’s creation must be identified and must explicitly grant permission to participate in this contest.

The judging will consist of three anonymous judges and community feedback:
• Rankings will consist of two different categories.
o Solo: Contestants that entered on their own
o Collaborations & MEP's: Contestants with one or more people
o Overall: Solo AMV’s, Collaborations, & MEP’s 
• Each video will be scored based on a 30 point scale and can gain a total of up to 90 points
• There will also be a separate thread which will contain a poll for viewers to pick their favorite entry for each category
o This will eliminate any chances for a tie and will allow for a general consensus to be agreed upon
• The final rankings will be announced anywhere from July 15th – 25th depending on the amount of entries
The top 3 videos of each category will be uploaded to the Anime Music Video Central YouTube channel and honorable mentions will be compiled together with links to each of the designated videos. 

The will be five categories that you can choose to edit from, these categories are:
• Action
• Fun/Comedy
• Dance/Upbeat
• Horror/Psychedelic
• Romance/Sentimental
There will also be a special category known as “Limbo.” This category will contain songs that can be used in two different categories (i.e. Action/Romance).

Technical Specifications:
• Codecs: x264, XVID, DIVX
• Length: Must be at least 2:45
• Containers: AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV
• Resolution: Must be at least 640x480 [4:3] or 848x480 [16:9]
Please note that all footage must be animated and footage with watermarks, subtitles, or logos that were not added by the editor themselves will be penalized.

If you have any other questions regarding the contest, please message the “Admin” or one of the moderators for more information. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you all have a great time editing and competing.

Sign-Up At:


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Re: Anime Music Video Central's 1st Ever AMV Contest (July 1st - 31st)

Mensaje por CacoVenom el Miér 16 Abr 2014, 5:32 pm

maybe i will do sth

____________________ :: | Escucha la música con tus ojos | :: ____________________

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